08 June 2007

Created in the Divine

Today was the first day of the Minnesota Conference UCC Annual Meeting. It is my first meeting as a member of the UCC and I have to admit that it has been an amazing introduction into the fold. I got to reconnect with people that I haven't seen since this fall and I've meet so many amazing new people. I really feel welcomed. I wasn't sure how I was going to feel because last week was the Minnesota Annual Conference of the UMC and I do miss all the people that I know and get to connect with there. I will admit they are VERY different meetings in tone and presentation...and size. We meet on the campus of The College of Saint Benedict's in Saint Joseph, MN and I took some pictures to share with all of you who out in blogging land...I hope that you will all join me this weekend as I continue my updates.

This is the campus.
Everyone is dancing in this photo...I don't think I have words that express how great the band from Peace UCC in Duluth is.
We got so into the dancing that a conga line sort of thing happened around the meeting floor. The conference minister was even dancing...too bad I didn't get a photo of that.
We served each other communion at our tables and it was really lovely. This is a photo of the communion that had been set up for the closing worship service. I had to take a photo of all of that bread.
Join me tomorrow for even more pictures from Annual Meeting and some photos from the Big Brothers Big Sisters opening event for the Golf Classic. I'll be at both parties tomorrow. And then back in the pulpit on Sunday morning. Feel free to join me on Sunday morning at Peace United Church of Christ in Saint Cloud, MN for worship. I'll be there all summer!

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